Fourth of July 2017


Declaring Our Faith in Action

The Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus is committed to the preservation of the Church, the Order, and the many nations where Knights serve. We stand where Christ would have us, as examples of His presence in the world.

Unwavering in Support of the Faith

Fourth Degree Knights act on what is right and honorable by:

  1. Supporting and defending truth in the public arena
  2. Protecting faith in civic life, such as the American examples of “One Nation Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance and “In God We Trust” on currency
  3. Funding, restoring, and serving in Church initiatives and events
  4. Supporting the culture of life

Standing firm in Support of the Order

Fourth Degree Knights lead and serve our brother Knights by:

  1. Conducting educational programs
  2. Honoring Knights and our families during times of tragedy and loss
  3. Encouraging active participation in important programs of the Order
  4. Sponsoring Squires Circles and scout troops

Proudly Serving the Country

Fourth Degree Knights model and foster patriotism in many nations by:

  1. Teaching personal responsibility in civic affairs
  2. Taking publicly visible leadership roles on important national and moral issues
  3. Facilitating voter turnout on election days
  4. Training and encouraging youth to be engaged citizens
  5. Working to honor and protect the flag
  6. Participating in national holiday celebrations
  7. Honoring veterans for their service and sacrifice